Hello, all of you other Holzls out there!
Since I started this homepage I received mail from several people from outside of Germany
who are doing a genealogy search for their ancestors named Holzl.

What the name means:
Holz = wood
Hölzl = little wood, little forest
Hoelzl = Hölzl, because oe = ö
Holzl = someone tired of the umlaut, like me
= the same as above without dialect having swallowed
the unpronounced "e" at the name's end
My name book says:
Holz, Hoelzl (Hölzl), Hoelzle (Hölzle), Hoelzer (Hölzer),
after the place of residence in the wood, forest or copse.

When and where the name was first mentioned:
Heinrich im Holz [Henry in the wood] (farmer) year 1355/Baden,
Hans im Hölzle [John in the little wood] year 1515 Messkirch/Baden.
Also: Hölzler (year 1301, Württemberg)
All these places are in southern Germany, federal state of Baden-Württemberg, close to Bavaria, also to Austria and the Czech Republic.
There is a large number of Holzls (i. e. Hoelzls) in southern Germany, especially in the Munich area according to the German phone directory at www.telefonbuch.de. Search fields would be name (Hoelzl) and place (Munich = Muenchen). Searching without a place usually produces too many results, which means you must know the place's name exactly (and in German) before you search.
The search engine Google produces more than 1,000 results for Hoelzl.


Geographical distribution of the surnames Hoelzl and Hoelzel in Germany.

Look up the geographical distribution of the surnames Hoelzl and Hoelzel on Geogen online.

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