Glossary for Robert Burns' Poems

a': all
aft: often
agley: aslant ; off the straight
ane: one
awa': away
baith: both
bickerin : hurrying; sometimes quarreling
big: to build
brattle: a short, rapid race
canna: cannot
cauld: cold
coulter: ploughshare
cozie, cozy: snug and warm
cranreuch: hoar-frost
daimen icker: an occasional ear of corn
dribble: drizzle ; slaver
e'e: eye
foggage: moss, fog
gae: to go
hald, hal': hold ; possession
housie: house
laith: loath
lane: lone
lave: the rest; the lave: the others
maun: must
maunna: must not
miss't, mist: missed
monie, mony: many
na, nae: no, not, but, than
neathing, naithing: nothing
pattle: a plough-spade
rin: run
sae: so
sleekit: sleek; sly
sma': small
snell: bitter ; biting
stibble: stubble
thole: to suffer ; to endure
thrave: twenty-four sheaves of corn, in two shocks
wa': wall
wad: would ; wager ; wed
wee: little
whyles: sometimes
wi': with
win': wind

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